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About Punta del Este

Punta del Este, located 136km east of the Uruguayan capital, is one of the most visited and most sophisticated resorts in the world. In its short high season, thousands of tourists, coming from an array of different countries, visit this resort city situated on a narrow peninsula in southeast Uruguay. Recently, there has been an increase of new visitors during the other seasons of the year. 

On the west coast, one can enjoy Mansa Beach with its calm and shallow waters. For surf lovers there is the popular Brava Beach which also shows a gigant sculpture of 5 fingers that emerge from the sand called "The Hand". Local handicraft is sold at Plaza Artigas near Avenida Gorlero´s upscale stores. The 19th-century lighthouse at the peninsula´s southern tip has an obligatory viewing platform.

Along with its wonderful beach, Punta also offers a great diversity of programs: museums (Museum Ralli and Museum of the Sea); wineries (Garzón, Alto de la Ballena, Viña Edén, among many others); extra virgin olive oil production farms (Colinas de Garzón, O´33, Finca Babieca, La Repisada, Lote 8, etc.); bucolic villages with great gastronomy (Pueblo Garzón, Pueblo Edén); José Ignacio seaside resort with its sophisticated life style and La Huella restaurant; the circular bridge over Laguna Garzón; Lodge floating on Laguna Garzón, not to mention the famous and exquisite Casapueblo with its unforgettable sunsets.  And art lovers should not leave Punta without visiting the magnificent Pablo Atchugarry Foundation (free admission). 

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